Chapter 2.1 - That energy from her body... (1)

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Cen Simiao held the teacup and took a small sip. While calm on the surface, she was at a bit of a loss inside her heart. The target this time sure is enthusiastic.

With her eyes lowered and her gaze on somewhere random, others would see her as staring blankly. Liu Si anxiously signaled Wu Lichen with his eyes, the latter pursed his lips and subconsciously touched his pack of cigarettes but then froze.

Without the previous jitteriness between his brows, he poured a cup of tea, held it in his hand, then tilted his head back drinking it down before casually putting the cup aside.

His eyes curved.

"Does Cen-jie feel that it’s too young [small] or old [big]?"

Cen Simiao almost choked.

She lightly bit the tip of her tongue then raised her eyes, just so happened to meet his gaze. Deep, serious, and couldn’t be any more proper. The ends of his eyes slightly rose, showing a hint of evilness.

The words just unconsciously rolled out from between her lips. "The ‘doneness’ is just right."

The Jinjiang system opened up a melon_seeds.txt file, cracking them open as it reported the current data.

"Ding— The target's favorability is at 0. Please continue to work hard."

"By the way, currently, the progress bar for the life reversal task is at 2%."

"Whereas, the progress bar for the task ‘To help the male lead become a winner in life’ is at 1%."

The system then put on a sighing BGM again. The task this time was rather tricky, yet Cen Simiao had only just gotten to meet the male lead even after having arrived here for over a month.

Even more so was the original body’s husband whom she hasn't seen even once this entire time and could only give the other likes through WeChat. Using just one word to sum up the life of the original and that would be ‘tragic’.

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Both parents had passed away, and so could only gnash her teeth, relying on relatives for financial assistance, finding the spare time to work various odd jobs to finally get admitted to a good school of her chosen major. Sophomore year of university, she met Hu Yinli while working as a server, she thought she finally had love and got married as soon as she graduated.

Hu Yinli never mistreated her in the material aspect. Knowing she was conservative in nature, he also had not forced her. At most, there would be some hugs and kisses on the cheek. Originally, their marriage life was already in sight, but at this time, the white moonlight[1] from Hu Yinli's student days came back.

Divorced, helpless, and with no one to rely on, she came and found him with eyes reddened from crying.

That day, in a moment of fervor clouding his mind, Hu Yinli brought his household registration and went with her to the Civil Affairs Bureau. When he came back to his senses, they were already lying in the bed with a duvet covering them.

That woman knew the existence of the original owner and choked out in a low voice, "I’ve wronged her. I know what this feels like, she must be very sad. You must take good care of her."

When men enter the good and virtuous mode, their brain circuits would become particularly unfathomable. So he drove through the night to where the original owner lived and proposed.

Then tried to get a fake marriage certificate from somewhere.

At the end of the day, he had his eye on the original since university. So although he had other women during this period as well, he still felt that the original best suited his taste. Therefore it was impossible for him to let go of her now.

For the other to be able to be the white moonlight, it wasn’t solely because she had a good face, but that she had various skills and means to ‘manage her household’. As soon as he got the "certificate" and arranged for the original owner to move in, Hu Yinli was again called away without having even touched the fingertip of the original.

The original owner felt a certain way about this but felt too shy to speak her mind, and so just lived her life alone while content with her lot. Only, she would occasionally call to ask when he won’t be as busy and so can come home.

But then one time slipped in the bathtub, knocking her head, and breathed her last breath.

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For Wu Lichen, Cen Simiao appearance in his life was definitely a good thing.

When it was time to leave, she slightly bent at the waist, her chest lowered, preparing to get up. While she was biting the side of her cheek during this process, she saw a pair of brown leather shoes approaching from this line of sight.

Her eyes narrowed, and she stood up.

Her forehead gently brushed against his chest, her fringes framing her face, and her eyes showed a trace of annoyance and alienation when she looked up. Wu Lichen hesitated, his eyes still fixed on her.

Reaching out, he dropped his hand onto Cen Simiao's shoulder. She could feel his hot palm through the layer of fabric. Seeing Cen Simiao was about to break away, he chose to let go first.

A smile was on his lips and his voice was gentle, but his tone was very raffish instead.

"Remember to come find me soon. The dish won’t be as delicious when it's become cold."

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Cen Simiao went and found a smoking area. Leaning against the corner, she took out a cigarette and a lighter from her bag. Holding the cigarette between her fingertips, then bringing it to hold with her mouth, ‘click’ and a flame sprung up.

She took a deep breath and felt as the air entered through her nose traveling all the way to her lungs, making an entire round, bringing a sense of invigoration.

The cigarette had already burned to half when she suddenly remembered something, then took out her phone - more than 10 missed calls. Tapping off the loose ashes, she brought the cigarette back to hold in her mouth and opened WeChat.

The topmost conversation was the group with her college classmates. The one immediately following was Hu Yinli, with a red bubble showing 35 messages.

Cen Simiao tapped it open.

[Why didn't you answer the phone? The plumber has arrived, go open the door.]

[Did something happen, why are you still not answering the phone?]

[Are you at home?]


[Leaking is just a small matter, don't worry about it. If any of the furniture isn’t pleasing to your eye, take the opportunity to change it.]

[Hurry and reply back. I'm very worried about you.]

Cen Simiao closed her eyes and smoked the remaining half of the cigarette. The perfume that she had originally sprayed on was now tainted with the smoke from the cigarette, adding a smear of wildness.

She put her cell phone back. It’s still early, no rush.

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[1] White moonlight - usually refers to that one lover/person that you just can’t seem to forget. They had left a mark deep inside your heart - typically because they gave you some ‘light’ or ‘warmth’ during your darkest moments. Thus "white moonlight," how in the darkest of nights, the moon would still light your way (false - new moon). -shrugs-

I hope you're reading this on Novels with Yun.

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I hope you're reading this on Novels with Yun.

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