Chapter 2.2 - That energy from her body... (2)

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Cen Simiao spent the rest of the day in the mall - bought several sets of new clothes, did a manicure, and ate a lot of good food. When it was time to pay, she just swipes her card and signed off.

Simply refreshing.

In the past few worlds, she lived incredibly hard-pressed. It was either having to live on eating husk and vegetables or having to live frugally, where was it at all similar to now - where she could spend as she wished.

She had dinner on the sixth floor of the mall where she drank two glasses, and only when she started feeling the tipsiness that she hailed a taxi to go home.

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She staggered and swayed while carrying all the large and small shopping bags. At the gate to the community, she suddenly remembered something, causing her body to tilt to the side, almost planting her on the ground.

The card was Hu Yinli’s.

Having spent so much, he must have received a text message about it.

F--, what a headache.

Her body slightly bowed, Cen Simiao held the shopping bags in both hands as she went to find some steps to sit down. Having sat down, she freed up a hand, holding her cell phone tightly. She closed her eyes and turned her face to the side, then slowly opened her eyes little by little.

As expected.

[Where did you run off to?]

[What’s with all the purchases?]

[What tantrum are you throwing now, such good days yet you’re not living properly.]

There were only these three messages, which were even from a few hours ago. Cen Simiao put an elbow on her thigh to support his chin and thought to herself, secretly planning.

System, what do you think we should do now?

The system sounded out, "You've_finally_become_someone's_ little_white_face.MP3[2]"

F★ck [your uncle].

Cen Simiao swallowed, then pursed her lips, proceeding to dial Hu Yinli’s number.

Giving her thigh a pinch and there was immediately a red mark on her fair and tender skin, it was particularly obvious. She then sniffled and softened her voice to carry a sob-like tone.

"Do you not want me anymore?"

The sorrowful tone all of a sudden caused Hu Yinli on the other side of the call to be taken aback.

What's with today, crying as soon as she’s here. Originally, he had accumulated quite a bit of anger in his heart and wanted to scold her a few sentences, but now there was no way for him to speak those words. After clearing his throat: "Where did you run off to?"

Cen Simiao was deadset on her sentence.

"Do you not want me anymore?"

"The faucet at home..."

"Do you not want me anymore?"

"...I didn’t."

"You simply just don't want me anymore!"


After the call was hung, Cen Simiao sighed in relief and walked home on her high-heels. Having shopped the entire day, her feet were extremely tired. Only when she got to the door did she find a brother[3] wearing blue work clothes.

He raised his voice: "I just hung up on your husband's call. Not bad, he’s been taught well. Always thinking and worrying about only you."

Cen Simiao sighed with a slight frown. "Isn’t the blame simply on him for angering me, so I used this opportunity to punish him a bit. Just, we’ve troubled you today."

The brother very frankly waved his hand. "What is there to it, during the day, I left after giving you a call. As for now, I had only arrived."

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Summer days were torrid, becoming even stuffier at night. Everyone was looking forward to a few rain showers to cool things down, but in the end, even after several days, there was still not even a drop of rain.

Wu Lichen, along with several other male actors, received notices of work.

Singing outdoors.

On that day, there was a downpour, and so no way at all for audiences to attend.

Li Youyan sat in front of the vanity mirror cursing as he spoke. The makeup artist held back anger in their heart while their face also didn’t look too happy as they silently applied the oil-based makeup remover on the other’s face.

He twisted his head around, saying to the person next to him, "What the h★ll’s with this weather? How the d★mn long is it going to last, just had to choose today! Is it easy for this father to earn some money, f★ck."

The other man yawned, his eyelids drooped sleepily. "What grievances do you have to cry out for, it’s easy for you to count your money, but it’s different for us."

Li Youyan usually liked to be flamboyant, he too was someone who got sold out by Liu Si. With someone to support him, then naturally his popularity was the highest out of the few of them. A matter that people would often discuss out of sight.

Hearing this mystifying sentence, his face immediately became ugly. Twisting his body around, with glowering eyes, he was ready to start a fight when he suddenly saw Wu Lichen, and a trace of mockery flashed through his eyes.

"I'm relaxed, of course. I can't compare with Lichen."

The volume when he said this sentence was extremely loud that every one of the dozen or so staff in the dressing room all heard it. The man, who was speaking out against Li Youyan just now, forced out a short laugh.

"This weather sure makes it easy for people to get angry."

Wu Lichen raised his eyes, his body exuding gloominess. His eyes were filled with irritation, not wanting to concern himself about the other at all. Cen Simiao hasn’t gotten into contact with him since the last time he saw her.

He clutched his hair as he thought of Cen Simiao's cold gaze, who contrarily dressed very s★xily.

Subconsciously, he took out a lighter, but he couldn’t find a cigarette. Pressing the lighter again and again, the fire blazes one second then goes out the next.

"Isn't that right, Lichen? See, even your complexion has been better recently."

Wu Lichen loosened his grip on the lighter, tossing it to the side on the table, then raised his chin. "Take a look at yourself in the mirror, see how your made-up face looks. Even the beggars on the streets look better than you."

Li Youyan had just started to remove his eye makeup and had yet to clean up the smudge from the eyeliner. Blurred with the foundation, it gave off a dirty appearance. The anger in his heart grew more and more intense, and he immediately slapped the table. "What the f★ck did you say?"

Wu Lichen lazily stretched his back when suddenly his cell phone sounded. His gaze suddenly became focused, he grabbed the phone to unlock it.

8 PM, Taihe Hotel 302.

He stayed staring at his cell phone for a while, then leaned back in his chair, and smiled with his lips pressed with his chin raised. While looking at Li Youyan, there wasn’t a trace of decency.

"But I can’t be relaxed at all."

Just based on that energy from her body, he felt an itchiness in his heart.

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[2] Raw: 小白脸 [xiǎo bái liǎn] literal translation: ‘little white face’, typically refers to an attractive young man who was being kept as a lover. Equivalent to the English term ‘sugar baby’, specific to male (e.g. Wu Lichen). So what the system intended is precisely laughing at this latter point, Cen Simiao has Wu Lichen, but now she’s in a similar state. 

[3] Not related, not a real brother. A rather kind way to refer to someone unfamiliar, just like how in English you might address a stranger “This brother…” Or actually, I’m not sure if people really do that… But it’s similar to “This sir…” XD

I hope you're reading this on Novels with Yun.

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I hope you're reading this on Novels with Yun.

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